Final Shadows

Face in the Stone part 1

What Happened:

  • Defeated various baddies dwelling in this temple to the primordial Ul-Athra (known as the Dust Kraken!)
  • Trying to recover 1/3 of its artifact known as the Crown of Dust
  • Briefly allied with the Red Chord, mercs out of Tyr, but they turned traitor in the first battle and were all killed by the Party.
  • Graduated to Level 3.

Who’s in Play:

  • Daskinor, crazed sorcerer-king of Eldaaritch city-state
  • Yarnath the Skull, Athas bandit who destroyed House Shom trade caravan
  • Darok, mul leader of Red Chord. deceased
  • Raven Queen, gloomy patron of Party and possessor of their souls, according to her

What’s Next:

  • Enter chamber with crown fragment
  • Leave Face in the Stone
  • Deal with Yarnath’s band
  • Visit Tyr, Kled, or Eldaaritch
    • Cross the desert


DMShadow DMShadow

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