Final Shadows


In the week following the dream-like vision of your divine image it’s become clear why the chant-broker you had hoped to meet with never arrived. His body was found last night at a grisly scene. Sadly a scene not unfamiliar to your party, as his skull had been raggedly cracked open and his brain missing. Four lesions lined his jaws, a telling sign as to his killer.


Jabreen, your tout, a guide-for-hire on the streets of Sigil, nervously casts his eyes about during what he tells you is to be his last task in your hire.

“Honestly, sirs, I’m fearin for my life. This Cuttleblack fella, he don’t leave survivors when he asks about. I can tell you that he’s got folk watchin you from all angles. And he means you harm when he gets the chance. I don’t know what you have that he wants, but I say you give it to him and be on your way.”

“But that ain’t your only problem. A friend tells me that the Ebon Riders are back in Sigil, and your names are on their lips. As a mercenary band they always been deadly, but this time touts say that they’ve been drawn neatly under Orcus’ banner, as they have fallen under the leadership of the one they call ‘The Elder’. There be godly power at stake, gents, and that’s too strong for my thin spine, thank you. G’day!”

As the door closes behind Jabreen, wafts of gith smoke swirl above your table in the Outer Beacon. Tendrils fall around your goblets of thick wine from some realm you don’t remember the name of. You stare into the haze and try to deduce patterns that will tell you what lies before you.

The Raven Queen herself has laid claim to you. Orcus has summoned heroes to this no-place and set them against you. Clearly a cosmic war is at hand. But…which side is Cuttleblack on?

DM Notes:

  • There are 2 important story items in the party’s possession: 1) the Tear of Aureon, held by Urus, and 2) the Sword of Kas, held by…?. I need to know. If you guys need the stats for these items I can send them.
  • Also, after the visit from your divine future-selves, you may ‘reincorporate’ your epic character in-line with our story and your true destiny. That means if you want to switch to elf, sword-mage, or whatever, it makes sense. The Raven Queen has claimed your soul, not your body.


DMShadow DMShadow

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