Final Shadows

Interlude - Sigil 2

The gith tobacco and alien wine vintage has your thoughts swimming as you retire to your plush rooms in the Outer Beacon. Sleep comes over you in an instant.

You see a temple on a mist-covered mountain, where thousands of ravens circle above its slender spires.

The scene shifts inside, where a knight in black armor pounds on a doorway behind a mirrored altar. His crimson shield is adorned with a black dragon.

The scene shifts again, and you and your companions are locked in battle with an ebony dragon. Each time you strike it down, it rises again and lashes out at you with its primal fury. As you are cut down, one by one, the scene fades….

You are alone on a endless plain, a hopeless land of neither dark nor light. A great black rock, the size of a moon, hurtles toward you out of the sky. It strikes the land spraying sand, rock, and bones into the air, its impact cracking the earth apart in a world shattering collision. You sense the end.

Sweat soaked and temples throbbing, you awaken well before the chimes. The boy cleaning the common room downstairs tells you that there are good medicines for such conditions at the night market where the eladrin watch the Gardens. You stagger out into the stale, dusky light in hopes that the eladrins’ alchemy is as skilled as proclaimed.


DMShadow DMShadow

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