Final Shadows

Raven Queen's Demise

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Upon returning from Athas via the RQ’s ritual, her courtyard is strewn with dead Shadar-Kai. Stones are toppled and scored with signs of a huge battle. The RQ’s body is slumped across her throne, her scepter missing. Something slew her outright, and it used a fragment of Timesus, the primordial formerly imprisoned in Death’s Reach, to do it.

Tarak finds her scepter, drained of all energy, next to a broken ritual circle. Ghrynt takes the scepter. He deduces that the circle goes to Sigil, but the party is afraid to repair it. Uxig, as the Keymaster, builds a portal with Ghrynt’s help and they travel to Ghrynt’s apartments within the High Tower in Sigil, where his Master resides.

All is not well, Ghrynt’s apartments are emptied, disheveled, and marked with the word “TRAITOR”. His bedroom door is 12-times-glyphed, although Tarak easily disables the runes. After entering they are attacked by ethereal worms and dragged to the ethereal plane. There a clever trap draws them into a pocked dimension which rapidly begins collapsing on them.

The party manages to flee after a tense mental battle with the pocket dimension’s, uh, dimensions, and return to Ghrynt’s quarters. Ghrynt examines the trap and deduces that it is too skilled for Cuttleblack to have built. Only one other could have done so.

The Master of the High Tower.


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