Final Shadows

Reliquary and the Portal

Big battle outside the Reliquary

Reliquary final battle:

  • Part 1:
  • Beholder, 2 stone slams and 4 blackstar pawns
  • No healing surges can be spent inside, but can spend second wind
  • When any character lands on the dais from the shaft above, 2 pits open in the floor. One in the middle and one in front of the Bahamut door. The beholder appears over one pit. If he is proned, he appears over the other pit.
  • Part 2:
  • Cuttleblack, 8-10 undead minions, 3 blackstar pawns, the blackstar idol.
  • +27 vs Reflex for the Bahamut trap
    • When a character is hit by the divine fires of Bahamut’s breath he is then allowed to use healing surges.
  • +27 vs Fortitude, 3d10 + 5 psychic damage for the Angles of Madness traps
  • +27 vs Will, 3d10 + 5 necrotic damage for the Angels of Desolation traps
  • Each ledge square area before the excavation site is a teleport trap back to door
    • When the first character is teleported back to the door in front of the Bahamut trap, replace the beholder in the room over the chasm.
    • Perception DC 38 to detect, Arcana or Thievery DC 36 to disable for 1 round
  • a shardmind, from the Living Gate, is trapped in the portal as a tool by CB. each round on Initiative 28 it will cry out, +28 Will, 3d10 add 5 psychic and sonic damage to any in line of effect from portal
    • Each round add +1d10 to the damage from the shardmind’s shriek damage
    • Characters can use CB‘s psychic power to shield themselves from the shardmind’s cry, but it means they are dominated for 1 turn.
    • When the shardmind cries out, raise one of CB’s minions from the bones on the floor.
  • Once per round when the blackstar idol takes damage from an attack, all of the Angel traps will activate and attack any enemies in their line of effect.

Blood portal

  • Only Ghrynt or Ki-Urus can “join” with the portal to take control of it. If he does, his form will be lost and he will be a shardmind permanently. With control he will be able to witness the shattering of Timesus’ form, which he will see split into 4 segments as per below, as well as deal huge damage to CB and the idol. He will also be able to suppress the shardmind’s shriek with a minor action each round.
  • CB will try to escape thru the portal as soon as the idol is defeated, or after a dramatic amount of the battle has occurred.

Post-battle meeting with RQ:

  • The charos can use the portal scroll from the RQ to return to Letherna (via the Seventh Veiled Gate, completing their service to her).
  • The RQ tells the charos that in order to ultimately defeat Orcus she needs the power from the Primordial fragments of Timesus. And the pc’s must get them for her, or at least stop Orcus from getting them.
  • She tells the party this power has been flung across 4 of the most powerful creatures in the multiverse, and the heroes must travel there (via the Queen’s domain-links) and recover the fragments so that Timesus can once again be bound into the Reliquary by the gods.
  • Daskinor, a sorcerer-king in Athas, Dark Sun,
  • Strahd in Ravenloft,
  • the demi-lich Acererak,
  • the fourth fragment was used to forge Sunder. that’s why he is broken.
  • Due to the nature of Death’s Reach, the RQ will offer to imbue their souls into waiting bodies in each of the 3 domains for them to complete the quest. She tells the charos that each of their souls have been irrevocably damaged, so while they will possess these bodies they will be at a fraction of their power until the fragments are reassembled and Timesus is reimprisoned. This means the next adventures are at heroic into paragon tier.


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