Ghrynt the World Walker


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Ghrynt is not of the World of Three Dragons, but he will do all in his power to protect it from the likes of Cuttleblack. He serves at the whim of the Master of the High Tower, a psion of near deific ability, and has been tasked with foiling the machinations of the vile illithid. Heretofore, Ghrynt has always worked solitarily and in the shadows, the mind behind the hand of change. It was, therefore, disturbing that the Master tasked him with finding Eberron’s Paragons of Virtue and fighting along side them. While Ghrynt has his misgivings as to the group and being apart of it, he will do all that is necessary to stop the maddening infection that is Cuttleblack!

Ghrynt the World Walker

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