Urus, the StoneHearted

A towering champion of nature, Urus is the paragon of the Goliath race. Unique features include his long arms, eyes of diamond, and his quick smile.


His name is Urus. Although it should be noted that he is known as Urus the Stonehearted among the peoples he’s helped.

It is cold in the mountains. Urus believes that it is even colder in the hearts of men.

It is a hard and mystical world, and often is for most and Urus doesn’t blame anyone for his circumstances. He in fact recounts the tale of his childhood with a look of wonder in his eye, if just a small frown of regret upon his lips.

As with tradition with his village, upon his 12th year on the mountain, Urus was set loose down into the valley as all boys his age were on the trial of the stone. He was to bring back a part of the gate rock, which separates the wild valley to the plains beyond. When asked, he knows not of the worldly names of these places, just that they were always on the horizon in site of his home.

Upon his trek through the valley, great storms altered his path. Urus feels that the storms were not natural, and that the shelter he took in the unknown valley to him was just as unnatural. Upon entering a cave against the lighting and wind, he found on waking the next day that in the light his mountain home was gone and that the valley was not his own.

He searched and searched. A child and scared he was easily persuaded by the unsavory to join up with those who fought for only money. They saw the strength in the boy, and used it to their advantage and taught him how to fight others for money. After years of jobs that always brought his conscience to the line of evil but never crossed it, one job was to far for him to go. Fearing repercussions from the bandit lord, he escaped and returned to the mountains, always looking for his black mountain home. He had never met humans before this, and he finds it hard to not judge them so harshly after.

He now travels with whomever he can, always just trying to make the next meal. He is kind to children of any kind. Urus keeps his ears open for those whom he understands as lost and always goes out of his way to find the missing. Although he keeps a good eye to the ground for trails, you’ll always see his eye wander to the horizon, looking for the black mountain.

Now Urus finds home with a new group of friends. Friends that seem to value him for his good choices, and not just his strong arms. He finds himself trusting the other races a little more each day, and that there is indeed other humans out there who are not thieves, but just good people.

Now that the level of his skill seems to affect so many people when his deeds are done, Urus thinks that there is hope for this world and the good people in it.

At Epic level, Urus is still a long armed Warden who wishes to see that his friends are always able op find their way home, just like he could not so many years ago. And though his arms are mighty, he’ll note that their length is of much more use, his example he says is if he could simply reach up and remove a child’s lost kitten from a tree. (As he speaks of this he always emphasizes with his arms apart, the span easily being 15 feet.)

Urus, the StoneHearted

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