Final Shadows

Leaving Monadhan

Wave after wave of vampires attack the party until, as midnight drew close, they vanish. Heading into the graveyard, a bleak patch of scrub and stone even paler than the rest of Monadhan, the party finds the remains of the only contact they had who could help them learn how to exit this plane.

Soon a well-dressed gentleman approaches. It is Kas, the Great Betrayer, who invites a bargain. Recover his sword, hidden in Arantor’s lair, and he’ll reveal Arantor’s weakness. A tentative deal is struck.

Moments later, Cuttleblack emerges from the gloom. He also has a deal to make. He’ll assist in the battles against Arantor and his minions, and the party takes him with them when they finally learn how to exit Monadhan. Another tenuous accord is reached.

Arantor’s lair is a twisting maze, full of demon minions, but eventually the party reaches his lair. Using the secrets revealed by Kas, they defeat Arantor and recover Kas’ sword. Cuttleblack is delighted to witness that Kas’ sword is the key to open the portal-exit, and he uses the portal.

Kas arrives and demands his payment, the sword! But the party mocks his demands and leaps through the portal, arriving on the streets of Sigil. [[:urusthestonehearted | Urus ] ]has the sword in his hand, and the portal closes behind them, stranding Kas.

As the portal collapses, the rotting bones of Arantor begin to stir….

Entering Monadhan
the domain of betrayal

Situation, December 2009 Our game is currently in the Epic tier, with characters at 21st level. The party foiled a plot to turn the city of Freeport into mindless addicts which would make them easy (and delicious!) prey for the illithids of Xoriat. In their pursuit of the vicious illithid pirate, Cuttleblack, they have been transported to a Shadowfell domain of dread, Monadhan.

The heavy mists surrounding Monadhan prevent anyone from leaving this domain of Arantor, a mighty dragon of ages past, reknowned for his viciousness. Betrayal is a tangible force here, and the only way to leave the plane is to use the object of greatest betrayal as a key.

Upon visiting the seer, the party experiences a powerful vision of an event from the past, the death of Arkalus. There they learn that the object they seek is the Sword of Kas.

Then, they are set upon by vampires in the paths of the Shantytown.

See map photo here.

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End of World's End

Situation, November 2009 Our game is currently in the *Epic *tier, with characters at 21st level. The party foiled a plot to turn the city of Freeport into mindless addicts which would make them easy (and delicious!) prey for the illithids of Xoriat.

After chasing the illithid pirate Cuttleblack to a shadow plane known as World’s End, they interrupted a ritual involving a bizarre orrery that resulted in a lethally catastrophic explosion of aberrant and necrotic energy.

The characters have awakened in a thick forest, surrounded on 3 sides by a heavy mist. From the mists an angelic voice reassures them, “not yet…not yet…”


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