Final Shadows

Welcome to Tyr

Party just made their way inside Tyr, strolling through the Warrens.

Being followed by wary Toothcutters. May hear from Shivrin in non-battle arena days speaking out for The Freed.


  • Learn a bit more about the ziggurat
    • built to transform Kalak into god-like creature
    • or built to hold powerful relic
    • or built to protect city
    • obvious entrance atop great stair
    • contains Kalak’s defiling apparatus
    • maze-like interior
    • Murter Dyan believes group should enter and find Kalak’s body
    • Vectrix, a human, last entered but was captured and is in arena
  • Met by Mordis Shom, who had hired them and needs income now.
    • and wants reimbursement for lost obsidian (2,500 gp).
    • emblem is 3 white dragonflies
  • Meet up with the Veiled Alliance (Kivrin from Revenge mod)
  • Accosted by Templar of Hamanu
  • Gladiator fight to either:
    • gain access to the criminal Vectrix, who was the last known person inside the ziggurat, who is currently held underneath the stadium and fights ever-tougher bouts
      • Sand and Sky: Anakore Render (7), Aarakocra Warriors. Terrain is 6 columns for aarakocra to perch and 4 silt pools 5’ deep for render
      • Bug Maze: Thri-Kreen Mauler and Bounders in maze. Terrain is 4 plinths on a wooden table that must be balanced. If fall off (DC 10 + characters off level), takes 1 round to climb up.
    • gain their freedom if they get caught trying to break in. Then Shivrin gets them out and sets them up with Kivrin.
  • Rumor on the streets that descriptions of the party killed 2 tieflings and then fled into the city.
  • Toothcutters put out a series of hits, starting with people who “helped” the party.
    • room at tavern is cancelled after one night
    • shopkeeper is burned with acid the next day after restocking
    • Shivrin may either put a contract on party, or offer to partner with them to release Vectrix if they will give him access to ziggurat. And stop Murter Dyan from entering.
  • I like the idea of Gravik the templar being a real bully with the PC’s. he can use his power to make things hard for them, not ever arresting them but using fear tactics.
    • tracks the party to their inn/tavern after 1-2 days and shows them a levy credit. “Possession is punishable by death. Unless maybe you took them from someone else. Tell me who, or where you got them.”


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